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“The farmer is looking for a wife 10”. The participants were hooked after the first episode. “Such a bit of a smartass”


“The farmer is looking for a wife” is one of the most popular programs on Polish Television. The first episode of the premiere season was broadcast on May 21, 2014, immediately gaining sympathy from viewers who hours broadcast crowds gather in front of their TV sets to follow the complicated fate of the participants. Currently, the 10th edition of the show is in progress, in which Agnieszka and Anna, as well as Waldemar, Dariusz and Artur are trying to find their other half.

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Marta Manowska talks about weddings in “The Farmer Wants a Wife” and “Sanatorium of Love”. Why doesn’t he participate in all of them? “I am very sorry”

“Farmer looking for wife 10”. The viewers did not like the participants. Their reactions to the letters caused controversy

17 September The first episode of the 10th season premiered in 2023 “The farmer is looking for a wife”wherein participants they read letters sent from potential partners. It cannot be denied that since the business cards, Artur has aroused special interest and was hailed as the most handsome man of this edition. This also translated into the amount of correspondence received, almost 150 women decided to fight for his favor. When the host Marta Manowskapoured out all the news on the table, he did not hide his excitement, but his reactions to the content of individual letters caused a lot of controversy.

Age turned out to be one of the key issues when choosing a partner. For this reason, when he learned that one of the women was 32 years old, as he was 29 years old, he immediately rejected her candidacy, without even finishing reading what she wrote about herself. Fans did not like this reaction. A discussion broke out on the program’s social media profiles.

It would be respectful to take a moment and read it to the end. And of course, he wants to know right away how many letters there were, just to be rude and boost his ego

Another one looking for a model

Nice guy, but the more he talks, the more he loses

He’s a bit of a smartass.

Will Agnieszka from “The Farmer Wants a Wife” find a partner? Viewers have no illusions

Agnieszka also had to face a wave of criticism, as she aroused the least sympathy among fans from the very beginning program. It was no different when reading the letters. She seemed bored and wasn’t particularly interested in what the candidates had to offer. Each of them tried to make poetic comparisons, complimenting her beauty, which had the opposite effect than intended.

After reading several letters, she was more amused than interested in one of the men. – This is such an eyewash – she said in front of the camera. – This is not the way to my heart – she said. According to viewers, her expectations are too high, and this approach to the matter will only make it more difficult for her to find a suitable partner.

The episode isn’t over yet and we already know why she’s alone

A very demanding person. It’s obvious that he expects too much and doesn’t know what he wants

I feel sorry for the poor people who will come to her.


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