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The famous figures of the Polish artist stood in the garden of a Hollywood star, now they will go under the hammer. They are worth a fortune – Wprost


Paulina Socha-Jakubowska, “Wprost”: This time, as many as 32 works by Magdalena Abakanowicz are up for auction. Which are the most interesting?

Wiktor Komorowski: Of course, the most important object is the group of 20 sculptures, a set of 20 bronze figures “Caminando”.

Estimation: PLN 8 to 12 million.

This is a work that appears on the Polish market for the second time. Previously, since 1999, she had been enriching the collection of Robin Williams, a world-famous comedian and actor, and his wife, Marsha Williams.

The group of sculptures stood in their garden and was in fact the most important object or one of the most valuable in their collection, but also treated emotionally by them, which made it stand out from the others.


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