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The eye-catching cinematic trailer prepares us for the upcoming debut of Last Epoch, Diablo’s new rival


November 19, 2023, 07:23

A cinematic trailer for the action RPG Last Epoch has been released online. It is intended to spice up the atmosphere before the upcoming release of version 1.0.

Photo source: Eleventh Hour Games


Eleventh Hour Games has released a new CG trailer for the hack’n’slash game Last Epoch. The material focuses on presenting the game’s plot background.

Recall that Last Epoch is only available on PC. The game debuted in early access in April 2019. The production has a cinema localization, i.e. with Polish subtitles, and can be purchased on Steam for PLN 161.99.

Early Access, which has been going on for over four years, is finally coming to an end. The creators promise that the work is already in its final stages and the new movie trailer has been prepared to increase the atmosphere before the release of version 1.0, which is expected to happen February 21, 2024.

The authors also assure that leaving early access will not end the story Last Epochbecause they currently plan to continue developing the game for at least several years.

Let us remind you that the title turned out to be a great success. A few months ago, Eleventh Hour Games studio reportedthat sale Last Epoch exceeded 800 thousand copies. The production was also warmly received – 84% of reviews on Steam praise the project, which the website categorizes as a “very positive” reception of the game.

A few months ago the project experienced a renaissance in popularity thanks to an update that finally added a multiplayer mode. As a result Last Epoch set a new activity record of 40,591 people playing at the same time. Currently, interest in the production has dropped significantly and yesterday, at the hottest moment of the day, it was played on Steam a little over 3 thousand players simultaneously

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