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The European Parliament adopts a roadmap for dealing with health crises in the future


BRUSSELS, July 13 (IANS) The European Parliament (EP) has adopted a report with a clear roadmap on how to tackle future health crises, based on lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The European Parliament said in a statement that MEPs want to strengthen the European Health Union and the resilience of national health systems in light of future challenges.

Last year, the European Parliament’s Special Committee on Covid-19 (COVI) analyzed the impact of the crisis and assessed the effectiveness of EU and national measures and made specific recommendations to address gaps and weaknesses in their actions, Xinhua news agency reports. .

The panel assessed not only the impact on health systems and the vaccination drive, but also the broader social and economic impact and impact on the rule of law, democracy and the international response to the pandemic.

Parliament debated the report and adopted the text by 385 votes in favor, 193 against, with 63 abstentions.

The roadmap for future action covers four main areas: health; democracy and fundamental rights; social and economic aspects; and the global response to the pandemic.

Key proposals include strengthening the EU’s strategic autonomy for medicines. transparency of joint procurement activities; and stronger parliamentary oversight at the EU and national levels for emergency legislation.

“It is now up to the European Commission to take our recommendations and proposals for the formation of a European Union that is more resilient in the face of crises and resistant to the future,” said Kathleen van Breept, Chair of the COVI Committee.

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