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Former Minister of Transport Sławomir Nowak is accused of committing 17 criminal offenses. On Monday, the court decided to exclude threads related to Ukrainian issues from the main case.

On Monday, the District Court in Warsaw decided to divide the high-profile corruption case related to the so-called group

Sławomir Nowak

former Minister of Transport.

Threads relating to Ukrainian issues were excluded from the main case at the request of the defenders, and only those relating to Poland were left in it.

Judge Iwona Szymańska, explaining the reasons for making such a decision, said: – In this case, it is already clear at this stage that it will be necessary, in terms of the so-called Ukrainian thread, many activities.

As the judge added, this includes interrogating witnesses from Ukraine.

She emphasized that “carrying out these activities will stall the course of proceedings in threads completely independent of the Ukrainian thread.” Therefore, in order to guarantee the defendants that the case could be heard within a reasonable time, a decision was made to divide the case.

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What is Sławomir Nowak accused of?

Sławomir Nowak, former Minister of Transport, was accused in December 2021 of committing 17 criminal offenses. On Monday, another organizational meeting on this complicated case was held at the District Court in Warsaw.

According to the prosecutor’s office, Nowak, as the head of the State Motor Roads Service Ukravtodor,

allegedly demanded and accepted financial benefits and promises of such benefits in an amount exceeding PLN 6.1 million

. In return, it was to support specific entities in proceedings for the award and implementation of public contracts related to road renovation in Ukraine.

He was also accused of money laundering in the amount of nearly PLN 8 million. The allegations also concern the period when Nowak served as head of the prime minister’s political cabinet

Donald Tusk

and the Minister of Transport and Maritime Economy. According to investigators, a politician

was supposed to accept at least 320,000. PLN in bribes in exchange for help in obtaining lucrative positions and contracts in state-owned companies

. He is also accused of accepting PLN 760,000. PLN bribe for organizing a meeting of representatives of the development company with the city authorities of Gdańsk.

The case of Sławomir Nowak’s wife was discontinued

At the same time, the court discontinued the proceedings against two of the 14 defendants in the entire case, including the wife of the former Minister of Transport, due to the lack of elements of a prohibited act.

The next organizational meeting is scheduled for October 9. Other applications are pending, including a request to return the Ukrainian case to the prosecutor’s office.

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