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The Buddha’s Teachings as an Antidote to Global Problems: PM’s Address to the Buddhist Summit


NEW DELHI, April 20 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the current global situation is most challenging as there is war, economic instability, terrorism and religious fanaticism, adding that at such times, the teachings of Buddha are the best solution to all such problems.

“This hope, this faith is the greatest strength in this land. When this hope unites, the Dhamma of the Buddha will become the doctrine of the world and the realization of the Buddha will become the belief in mankind,” he said while addressing the opening session of the World Buddhist Summit here.

Recalling the Buddhist path of theory, practice and realization, the Prime Minister outlined India’s adoption of all three points in its journey in the last nine years of NDA government.

Modi said that India worked with dedication to spread the teachings of Lord Buddha.

He spoke about peace missions and India’s efforts in rescue work during disasters such as the Turkey earthquake.

“The world is looking at, understanding and accepting the feelings of 140 crore Indians,” Modi said.

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