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The alarm sounded as the Ganga water level rose in Haridwar


HARIDWAR, July 17 (IANS) Haridwar District Magistrate has issued a red alert in the city as the water level in Ganga rose above the warning level of 293 meters after a dam gate in Pemguda Valley near Hari ki Buri was damaged, prompting authorities to alert people downstream. to be vigilant about the ghats.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has already issued red and orange alerts in Uttarakhand due to high water levels in the Ganges in Haridwar and continued rains in several parts of the state.

According to information received over the phone from the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC), Bhimgoda Bomb Gate No. 1 was damaged due to a strong possibility of over discharge downstream.

Therefore, in the aftermath of the damage of Bhimgoda’s barrage, all units downstream must be activated, and necessary measures must be taken to protect the people so that any undesirable incident can be avoided.

All concerned officers are to report to SEOC/State Disaster Control Room at phone numbers 0135-2710335, 2664314, 2664315 2664316, fax number 0135-2710334, 2664317, toll-free number 1070, 9058441404 and 8218867005 to provide information regarding any type Disaster notice.

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