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Terrible conditions at the staff training camp. “There’s feces coming out of the shower”


The Chilean national team has been going through a terrible period recently and rarely wins matches. Due to this, the current coach, Eduardo Berizzo, resigned. However, this team’s problems do not end there. It turns out that the players have to deal with terrible conditions during the training camp. The star of the national team, Alexis Sanchez, spoke more about it and did not hide his outrage.

The Chilean national team has not been going through a good period recently. In the last five matches, they won only one victory (2-0 against Peru). A few days ago, it failed again and drew 0-0 with Paraguay. Shortly afterwards, the coach of this team, Eduardo Berizzo, resigned. – These were not the expected results and you should be able to admit that – said the coach.

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A huge problem during the training camp of the Chilean national team. Alexis Sanchez spoke up

However, this is not the end of this team’s problems. It turns out that the conditions at the staff training camp are terrible. The star of this team, Alexis Sanchez, spoke more about this issue. The Inter Milan player was clearly moved by the level of unprofessionalism he found at the training center.

– There are three showers in our complex and none of them work. One of us can use them only when the previous one finishes washing. At Colo Colo Stadium, feces flows from the shower. So you have to ask yourself, is this a national team or a third division club? – Sanchez thundered at the press conference, not hiding his anger at the situation.

Eduardo Berizzo was replaced as coach by Nicolas Cordova. The Chilean national team will now face Ecuador. It will take place on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday at 00:30 Polish time. Currently, Sanchez’s team is in eighth place in the South American World Cup qualifying table with five points. The first six teams will advance to the tournament, and the seventh will play in the intercontinental play-off.

Alexis Sanchez is one of the biggest stars of the Chilean national team. So far, he has played as many as 155 matches for the national team, scoring 51 goals. This summer he moved to Inter Milan. This season he has nine matches and one goal.


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