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Teacher scam: 12 arrested Trinamool MLA bank accounts, husband under CBI lens


KOLKATA, April 18 (IANS) The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigating a multi-billion teacher recruitment scam in West Bengal is looking into 12 bank accounts held by Trinamool Congress MLA Jiban Krishna Saha and his wife Togori Saha.

The sources said that out of 12 accounts in different banks in the public and private sector, eight are in Murshidabad district while the remaining four are in Birbhum district.

It is understood that 12 bank accounts had aggregate deposits of just over Rs 12 crore. Saha, who is currently being held by the Central Bank of Iraq, is being questioned by the Central Bank of Iraq about the sources of these huge deposits.

The sources added that out of the 12 accounts, four are in the name of the arrested Moroccan Liberation Army, three are in the name of his wife, and the remaining five are held jointly.

Earlier, the CBI had tracked down several high-value properties owned by Saha and his family members. What surprised CBI is that the majority of these high-value properties owned by Saha and his family members are located in Birbhum district, while Saha is a Trinamool legislator from Parwan constituency in his district Murshidabad.

This development raised the issue of Saha’s possible connections to the cattle smuggling scam, given that Birbhum was the center of the cattle smuggling operation, as the ruling district chief of Birbhum, Anuprata Mondal, was already in judicial custody.

The sources said that Murshidabad, being a border area, is closely related to the cattle smuggling scam as smuggled cows were sent from various livestock trading posts in Birbhum to Bangladesh across the Murshidabad border.

CBI also learns that Saha and Mondal share a very friendly relationship.

Meanwhile, following the protocol, the CBI on Tuesday notified the office of Assembly Speaker Peyman Banerjee of Saha’s arrest since he was a member of Parliament.

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