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Tarnów. The priest from the parish at Pszenna Street has died. There is an investigation into the priest’s death


The police, under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office, are investigating the circumstances of the death of a 69-year-old priest whose body was found on the stairs in front of a church in Tarnów (Lesser Poland Voivodeship). Preliminary findings show that the priest fainted while going to mass and fell, hitting his head on the stairs in front of the church. Investigators are waiting for the results of the autopsy.

The accident occurred on Sunday (November 12) morning in front of the church at Pszenna Street in Tarnów. Firefighters who were carrying out an intervention on the same street tried to help the injured person.

– I can only say that we were next to the site of the incident, measuring carbon monoxide. People informed us that there was an injured person lying there, covered in blood. Firefighters drove up 200 meters away and tried to provide qualified first aid, said the Tarnów fire brigade officer.

It was not possible to save the priest’s life

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed by firefighters until the ambulance arrived. – It was difficult due to the priest’s injuries – added the officer on duty.

He added: – There is an assumption that he fainted and fell, but whether this was actually the case will only be confirmed by the police and the prosecutor’s office.

“Gazeta Krakowska” reported that the deceased had been feeling unwell already during Saturday evening mass.

The priest’s body was secured for examination

As Staff Aspirant Paweł Klimek, press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Tarnów, told us on Monday (November 13), an expert present at the scene of the incident, after examining the body, ruled out that other people contributed to the priest’s death. – The priest fell and had a serious head injury, but at this stage we are unable to say what was the cause of death – Klimek told us.

He added that the findings showed that there were no other people in the area of ​​the incident. – We know the man is dead. However, at this stage we do not indicate any people who may have contributed to this. There may be several causes of death, but it is not human activity – he emphasized in an interview with tvn24.pl.

The priest’s body was secured for autopsy. An investigation team with a forensic technician and a prosecutor worked at the scene of the incident.

The deceased priest was 69 years old. According to the website of Tarnów’s Gość Niedzielny, the parish priest of St. Saint Stanisław Kostka in Tarnów in 2014.

Main photo source: Google Maps


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