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Sylwia Bomba lost her nerves. There were curses


The show recently returned to TTV “Our people in uniform.” Format, in which participants undergo military training, debuted on Polish screens last fall. Originally, only men took part in the program, but in the second season women were also invited to compete. Eight participants, who are certainly well known to TTV viewers, face military challenges. This group included, among others: Sylwia BombaCollins brothers, Mateusz “Big Boy” Borkowski and Alex Morzyńska from the program “Devil’s Divine”. The production also prepared tasks for participants based not only on physical strength.

“Our people in uniform.” Sylwia Bomba lost her nerves

On Saturday, another episode of the “Nasi w uniformach” program will be broadcast on TTV. This time the participants of the show will face a field task. The station’s stars include: trip to the forest and everything indicates that it will prove to be quite a challenge. Sylwia Bomba at some point her nerves will clearly loosen, and even curses will come out of her mouth. Watch the recording from the new episode.

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At some point during a walk in the forest among the participants A quite heated discussion ensued. Sylwia Bomba apparently realized that she and her companions approached the competition in the wrong way.

This is a task of finding the way, but in time – said Bomba.

So what? It means that… – one of the men interjected.

That’s shit. So we did some shit. (…) You have to look at the landmarks on the map – explained the celebrity.

After a while, the participants began to nervously analyze their mistakes and wonder how to continue the task. It didn’t happen either without shifting responsibility – Bomba, for example, swore that she was not holding a map, but Alex Morzyńska had a different opinion on this matter.

No, I wasn’t holding a fucking map. (…) I just don’t fucking believe it – Sylwia Bomba thundered.

You watched and enjoyed as much as we did, calmly. You can’t f***ing do that, old man – Morzyńska said after a while to her.

You can see the entire fragment above.

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Well, this lady is only pretending to be so nice, I was her neighbor, I can confirm that. It’s not!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


3 hours ago

She is unsympathetic…

The bomb probably won’t become a sapper.

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Maybe an article about someone important for a change?

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I just did it with a neighbor with whom we work together and are currently attending trade union training in Krynica Morska. First we did it in the shower, then we finished it in bed. I’m afraid of tomorrow, when we will come to our senses and understand what we have done to our families. But we can’t turn back time. The worst thing was that it was unprotected, although I hope that since he ended up on my breasts, nothing will come of it.

They are preparing people to be cannon fodder

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Let him do something wrong with the money from the program and go to a psychologist

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Sylwia once took photos for me in Citibank and she was very nice 🙂

Well, no, they took advantage of the economic situation with this program

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Where do such people come from in public space?

Where do such people come from in public space?

This Grzegorz has a nice face, he’s a handsome boy.


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