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Stal Rzeszów wins in Nieciecza! Jesus finally hit it! Adler’s goal gave three points!


Few people believed it, but Stal Rzeszów did it and hunted the “Elephants” from Nieciecza. In the match of the 15th round of the 1st league, the white and blue team defeated Bruk-Bet Termalika away 2:1. Jesus Diaz finally scored the first goal in our team. At the very end, Adler Da Silva scored the winning goal.

He probably won’t remember the name of the town, but Jesus Diaz is unlikely to forget his visit to Nieciecza. It was in a village located in the Dunajec Valley that he scored his first goal for Stal. In previous matches he wasted opportunities, he was unable to hit the target even from a few meters, but he did not give up. He did his best in training, had the coach’s trust, played better and better, and on the pitch, located about 100 kilometers from Rzeszów, he overcame his weakness.

After the Colombian’s goal, the score was 1-1, because the Rzeszów team was losing for almost 40 minutes. They got a “locker room” goal, which was scored after Radwański’s cross and Karasek’s header.

A draw on the pitch of the recent top league team and the team tipped for promotion before the season didn’t seem bad, but after three games in which they scored only two points, the white and blue team wanted to win the full prize pool again.

As befits the best scorer in the team, Adler Da Silva tried to score a 3-pointer. In the 90th minute, he took matters into his own hands, decided on an individual rally, ended it with a specific hit and the sector with the Steelers’ fans was filled with euphoria.

The referee added 6 minutes, Stal’s sniper was replaced two minutes before the end and received thunderous applause from his fans. After the match, the locals could spit in their beards because they played well, were often in possession of the ball and the alarm was raised several times in front of Jakub Wrąbel’s goal.

On the other hand, Diaz could have scolded the hosts already in the 9th minute. After a perpendicular pass from Andrea Prokić, he entered the penalty area and made a strong attempt, but one of the defenders knocked the ball out from under the goal line.

After the change of sides, it seemed that Bruk-Bet was in control of the match. This was the case until Jesus Diaz got the long-awaited goal in Poland, and specifically in Lesser Poland.

Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza – Stal Rzeszów 1:2 (1:0)

Goals: 1:0 Karasek 40, 1:1 Diaz 79, 1:2 Adler 90.

Bruk-Bet Termalica: Loska – Spendlhofer, Wolski, Biedrzycki, Hilbrycht (88. Fassbender) – Dombrowskij, Ambrosiewicz, Karasek (78. Jakubik) – Trubelha (70. Polyarus), Branecki (78. Poznar), Radwański (88. Purece). Coach Mariusz Lewandowski.

steel: Wrąbel – Warczak, Kościelny, Oleksy, Simcak (61. Wachowiak) – Thill (87. Pena), Łysiak, Diaz (87. Danielewicz) – Kłos (61. Kądziołka), Prokić, Adler (90+4. Bukowski). Coach Marek Zub.

He refereed: Wajda (Żywiec).

Yellow cards: Spendlhofer, Karasek – Kościelny, Prokić, Łysiak.

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