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Some twists and turns in Linette’s match. It’s unbelievable what happened there!


Press materials / Monika Piecha / PZT / In the photo: Magda Linette

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On Monday, Magda Linette started competing in the WTA 250 tournament in Guangzhou. The Pole won against Jodie Burrage after a three-set match. The match was full of twists and unexpected situations. The referee added her two cents to the match.

In last weeks Magda Linette he’s not in top shape. She entered the tournament in Guangzhou as the player seeded number one. In the first round she faced a British player Jodie Burrage. In theory, the Pole was the favorite, but her rival looked very good on the court from the very beginning. She had a break in the first game. She was more specific and played quickly, something Linette couldn’t quite answer.

Later, for some time, Linette had trouble making up for the loss of one game. At 1:3, 15:30 she served and only then her game started to come together. This also coincided with some Burrage mistakes. The Briton became a bit nervous, which made it difficult for her to score points. The Pole, however, collected games and took the lead 4:3.

Then we saw another twist. Burrage gradually returned to her good game. At 5:5 she broke our tennis player and later served to win the set. But then her nerves got the best of her own serve and during one game she broke three forehands. There was a return break, which in practice meant a tie break. Unfortunately, Linette clearly lagged behind her rival in this respect.

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Once again, Burrage played as if inspired, with full power and, above all, she hit the court, which cannot be said about the Pole. The tie break ended with a score of 7-3 for Burrage. It is also worth paying attention to the 24-year-old’s service, which worked very well.

The second set started with a break from Linette. Our player sealed the game with a point from a counterattack. Later, our representative continued her good play. First of all, she diversified it by using, for example, slides that changed the pace of the action. Then Burrage was a bit lost.

The Pole put pressure on her opponent in the right way, and she was more and more often wrong. It was difficult for her to get even a gem. It was obvious that the game had changed completely and the second game went to Linette, who won it 6-0.

The third set also started great for the tennis player seeded number one. Linette won the first two games, breaking her opponent. This gave her eight games in a row during the match. Only later did Burrage end her bad streak.

The fourth game of the third set was a real rollercoaster. Not only was it the longest in the entire match, but it was also full of controversies.

First, Linette asked the referee to check the action because, according to the Pole, the ball clearly landed on the out-of-bounds. However, the judge was reluctant to do so. A moment later, the Chinese woman admonished Burrage for prolonging the preparation for the exchange on Linette’s serve. The British player suggested that the court was wet and difficult to maintain balance. The arbitrator left her position and had a long discussion with her.

It must be admitted that things happened during the match that we don’t usually see on world courts. Fortunately, Linette won a long game and then broke Burrage for the second time in the set. Then she was already leading 4:1. Then even the supervisor summoned by Burrage appeared on the court. All because the player did not agree with the referee’s decisions. After a few minutes of discussion, the game resumed.

Linette did not let the victory be snatched from her. She ultimately won the third set 6:2. There is no doubt that he will remember this meeting for a long time.

Galaxy Holding Group WTA Guangzhou Open
Guangzhou (China)
WTA 250, hard court, prize pool of PLN 259,300. dollars

1st round of singles play:
Magda Linette (Poland, 1) – Jodie Burrage (Great Britain) 6:7 ​​(3), 6:0, 6:2

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