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Sławomira Śliwińska, a long-time journalist of “Wiadomości” TVP, has died – Press.pl


13/11/2023, 06:03

“Sławka was simply a good, noble person. The kind of person we should put on pedestals” – wrote Arleta Bojke (photo: family archive)

Sławomira Śliwińska, a long-time journalist of “Wiadomości” TVP 1, is dead. She was 70 years old. Sławomira Śliwińska prepared materials for “Wiadomości” until 2013, and then sporadically until 2015. Until 2017, she worked at TVP Info. She was associated with Telewizja Polska until January 2021.

The death of Sławomira Śliwińska was announced on Sunday by TVP journalist Arleta Bojke. “She passed away tonight. After fighting the disease. Too soon,” she said.

“For me, she was one of the first teachers in the profession, one of those people without whom I certainly wouldn’t be the journalist I am. Patient, always devoting as much time as needed,” Arleta Bojke wrote on Facebook. “She didn’t give insincere compliments, she told me when things were bad, but only to me. Her praise gave me wings. I don’t know if there is anyone in this world who could accuse her of inappropriate behavior. I don’t think so. Sławka was simply a good person. , a noble man. The kind of person we should put on pedestals,” we read in her entry.

People who worked with her at TVP said goodbye to Sławomira Śliwińska. “A wonderful journalist, an even greater man,” wrote former public television journalist Katarzyna Nowicka. Former publisher of “Wiadomości”, currently Radio 357, Grzegorz Sajór commented: “Sławeczko… Goodbye… Thank you for every beautiful and wise material for News… And for being there! Always ready to help. Friendly and warm…”

(KOZ, 13/11/2023)

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