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Shopping Sunday at the market in Sławno. They sell pigeons, rabbits, ducks and chickens. Photos – 19/11/2023


Shopping Sunday at the animal and agricultural market in Sławno. We were there on November 19, 2023. Here you can buy, among others: chickens, ducks, rabbits, carrier pigeons and various other products from local farmers who come here. See their assortment in the photos.

Shopping Sunday at the market in Sławno – November 19, 2023

The market in Sławno is located at Mickiewicza i Street On Sundays, local farmers come here with their products. These include live chickens, ducks, carrier pigeons and rabbits. There is also honey, homemade eggs, garlic, vegetables, and corn or wheat sold by the bag.

Local residents are eager to buy laying hens. Reason? They keep them for the eggs because they want their own.

– People buy several hens and keep them, for example, in their home gardens – says one of the sellers.

There are also many rabbit enthusiasts, and there was a very large selection of rabbits at the market on Sunday – see photos. The Sunday market in Sławno is also an attraction for families who come here with children to show them chickens, pigeons, ducks and rabbits.

Friday market in Sławno. They have wonders on the tables. Photos

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