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Shiva Rajkumar melts booty while eating a whiskey shot of pani puri in ‘Ghost’ teaser


Shiva Rajkumar melts booty while eating a whiskey shot of pani puri in 'Ghost' teaser

MUMBAI, July 12 (IANS) The teaser for Kannada actor Shiva Rajkumar’s upcoming film ‘Ghost’, which was released on Wednesday, is full of action and riches. The teaser was released on the occasion of the actor’s birthday.

The teaser is 1 minute 54 seconds long, and shows Shiva Rajkumar sitting in what looks like a dungeon waiting to shoot a group of mercenaries who are out to kill him.

The teaser begins with a voice over the radio warning the team that the previous unit promised to execute him in 5 minutes, but never came back.

Shiva is then shown sitting in a dimly lit lair. The promo opens with Shiva Rajkumar consuming pani puri with Jack Daniels whiskey instead of tamarind water while a team of heavily armed mercenaries enter his lair promising to take him down in 10 minutes.

He first starts by throwing a whiskey glass and cigarettes back as far as he can and then sets fire to a tank standing behind him. He follows up by lighting another cigarette with a fire stick placed at his feet and says to the mercenaries: “I scared people more with my eyes than you scare them with your gun.”

Written and directed by MG Srinivas, ‘Ghost’ is an upcoming Kannada heist movie. Produced by Sandesh Nagaraj under the banner of Sandesh Productions, it stars Jayaram, Prashant Narayanan, Satya Prakash and veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher. Manufacturers plan to release Dussehra, with a pan-India release in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages.

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