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Ship hijacking in the Red Sea. “Another act of Iranian terror”


There is not a single Israeli among the crew members of the Galaxy Leader ship, which was carrying cargo from Turkey to India, reports the Jerusalem Post. There are supposed to be 25 people on the ship from Ukraine, Mexico, the Philippines and Bulgaria.

“This is another Iranian act of terrorism, highlighting the escalation of Iran’s hostilities against citizens of the free world, which has consequences for the security of international shipping,” the office commented. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Yemeni militias show solidarity with Hamas. Attacks have been announced

Representatives the Houthi militia allied with Tehran They are firing at Israel with long-range rockets and drones in solidarity with the Palestinian Hamas. Last week, the Houthi leader announced that his forces would carry out further attacks on Israel and may target Israeli ships in the Red Sea.

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An announcement appeared on a Houthi-affiliated news channel that both Israeli-flagged ships and those owned or operated by Israeli companies would be attacked. This indicates – as noted by the Jerusalem Post – that vessels carrying cargo owned by Israelis or even partially owned by them may also be attacked.


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