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She came in all white. But the color symbolizing innocence and gentleness this time had little to do with modesty. Natalia Szroeder went crazy with the dress. In her hands, latex lost its vulgarity and gained style.

Natalia Szroeder

every day, she most often chooses freedom – a loose sweatshirt, wide pants, cozy knitwear. But when he enters the stage, we can expect surprising and unconventional creations. The artist avoids mainstream trends. “Enta” dress that the stars put on the wall one after the other? Not in the case of Natalia Szroeder, who attended the opening gala of the Golden Joystick Awards

showed what originality means

and going beyond the patterns.

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Natalia Szroeder does not want to have a media relationship: “I don’t feel the need to show every minute with my loved ones”


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We remember her orange dress from the Fryderyk Awards gala very well. Just like the cut-out costume from the Empik party. But Natalia Szroeder’s white outfit from the Golden Joystick Awards “beats the rest.” The star set the bar high and

she took a risk and it paid off

. She made a stunning impression in a white dress.

The bright total look contrasted with her beauty and allowed us to look at latex from a slightly different perspective.

Material that does not have a good reputation

, clearly marked and pushed to the margins, this time he got rid of his scandalous past. Maybe it’s because of the color, or maybe the class of the star who lifted the difficult design and defended it with her natural subtlety?

Provocative latex becomes polished

The white outfit with thin straps had side cutouts and a slit that ended just above the knee. The dress created a coherent set with shoes whose high uppers reached beyond the eyesight. Thanks to this

the styling looked aesthetically pleasing

without revealing too much of the body or being provocative, as latex has been wont to do so far.

“I’m crazy about you”, “Stunning”, “Wow”, “A million bucks”, “Queen”, “No one compares”, “I was stunned”, “There is no other like it”, “Ooooo Lady”, “Snow White” “The most beautiful” – fans and industry colleagues admired the photo.

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