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Shanghai Port player Cai promises to apologize to fans in person


Beijing, Aug 29 (IANS) Chinese Super League club Shanghai Port midfielder Cai Huikang said that he will apologize to fans in person during his team’s next game at home.

Cai, who has extended apologies through social media, said, “on September 15 when we play on home next time, I will come to the fans stand to express my apology to you.”

“As a professional player, I should always focus on my training and performance. I beg you to continue to support and love me and our team,” he added.

Cai admitted he made some inappropriate remarks about the home fans following his team’s 3-2 loss to Thailand’s BG Pathum United in an AFC Champions League playoff on Tuesday, a defeat which prevented Shanghai from advancing to the group stage of the elite Asian clubs competition, reports Xinhua.

A significant number of home fans turned their backs on the Shanghai team, expressing their frustration when the game ended.

“My son asked me why they turned their back on us. I told him a white lie. I said, ‘they were probably checking which bulb above has burnt out,’” Cai wrote on social media after the game.

His remarks sparked criticism from local fans with a notable Shanghai fan group accusing him of being deceptive, which prompted the Shanghai club to take action.

The Shanghai side announced on Sunday that they have fined Cai 200,000 yuan.

Cai’s post-game remarks “had hurt the fans’ feelings,” the club said in the statement.

Cai has extended a public apology before the release of the club’s statement.

“I apologize to our fans for what I said and wrote. Sorry for making your life harder on a sad day,” he said.

“The players and the coaching staff were very disappointed and sad at the loss. I was gripped by rashness and anger,” he added.


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