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Senior Congress leaders in Karnataka are reluctant to accept the position of speaker


BENGALURU, May 19 (IANS) As the top leadership of the Congress party reaches out to senior leaders to take up the post of Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly, the veterans, eyeing the peach ministerial posts, are hesitating.

According to partisan sources, the elderly are evading responsibility under one pretext or another.

The party is considering allocating the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives to senior leaders such as Dr. J.

Parameshwara is a prominent Dalit chief and resourceful leader, and Mahadevappa and Sait are close confidants of Siddaramaiah. But sources said none of these leaders are interested in taking the position.

Deshpande described the position of speaker of the House of Representatives as “extremely high”. “I do not deserve to take on such a big position. Let the high command decide what position should be given to me. I have worked with eight CMs,” he said.

But the party is careful and seriously considering the post of Speaker to ensure smooth sailing for the party of any possibility that may arise from the adventures of the BJP throughout the term of the Congress government.

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