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Sanah’s Feast in the Dumpster! Żabka employees provide information about products bearing the artist’s name


Sanah is one of the most popular artists currently, and recently she decided to cooperate with the Żabka chain of stores. The artist signs foccacio, sandwiches and salads with her name, but the products are not very popular among buyers. Żabka employees reveal that most of them end up in… the trash.

Products bearing the Sanah name end up in... the trash.
Products bearing the Sanah name end up in… the trash. Photo Sylwia Dąbrowa

These products are definitely different from popular sandwiches or salads, all thanks to the unusual combination of ingredients. In focaccio, salad or sandwich, pineapple, ham, mozzarella, peppers and “a hint of rose” are added, which is what the artist sings about when advertising the products.

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About whether products signed with the artist’s name are willingly bought by customers, say Żabka chain employees. As they say on TikTok, they regularly end up in the trash because no one wants to buy them.

“Sanah’s Feast in the Dumpster. Not selling very well?” – we can read in one of the videos published on a recently popular application.

“I work in frog. It’s true that these products sell poorly. We can throw away the entire basket of this “treat” – wrote another user.

In reference to the above article, the editorial staff of the i.pl portal received an e-mail from the Żabka chain of stores, in which the chain refers to the situation with thrown away products bearing the Sanah name.

“We are extremely sorry that the situation presented in the video took place. Immediately after receiving the information, we took steps to clarify the matter and reminded all our franchisees how to dispose of products that are past their expiry date. Products from the “Feast to go” line are pleased attracted great interest from customers, since the beginning of the campaign we have sold over half a million products, and the campaign has become viral on TikTok, gaining 15 million views. As the Żabka Group, we actively prevent food waste, engaging employees, customers and franchisees in related initiatives, including “We encourage our franchisees to donate products with a short expiry date to non-governmental organizations such as Caritas, the Federation of Polish Food Banks or the Kamilian Social Welfare Mission,” we read in the e-mail.

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