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“Safe loan 2 percent.” The number of customer requests is decreasing


43.2 thousand applications for “Safe 2% loan” charged by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK), which is operator government program. This is a decrease of 4.4 thousand. compared to the situation on September 11. Still in holidays the number of applications grew at a rate of 5,000. per week – notes the daily.

“Safe loan” without “dead souls”

However, this decline is not necessarily due to decreased interest in the program. “PB” established that The Ministry of Development and Technology ordered data cleaning. Applications withdrawn by clients, overdue or canceled, which still appear in the statistics as the so-called dead souls.

The ministry apparently decided to make the demand for government credit more realistic, diluted by the sudden and uncontrolled inflow application to banks – writes “PB”.

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Up to two thirds of customers apply for a mortgage with the help of financial intermediaries. And according to the art of their profession, they send applications to at least two banks. While under normal circumstances this is not a problem for financial institutions, in the case of a government program, the circumstances are not normal because we are dealing with increased demand.

However, the enthusiasm of potential borrowers had to be dampened by a bottleneck visible especially in – as “PB” writes – state banks that were not prepared to handle such a large number of inquiries.

“Safe loan 2 percent”

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