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Runjaić accuses lack of respect. There is Vukovic’s answer


Legia Warszawa drew with Piast Gliwice 1:1. And although it was certain that after the match the Legia camp would have a grudge against the referee – the referee made a shocking decision to send Josue off the field – hardly anyone expected that there would be a verbal fencing between the coaches of both clubs.

Both coaches are well known to Legia fans. The coach of the capital club is Kosta Runjaić, recently, there were even rumors that he could take over the Polish national team. Aleksandar Vuković, a former football player and coach of Legia, currently works in Piast Gliwice. He was replaced by Runjaić when, before the start of the previous season, he joined the team of the current Polish runners-up from Pogoń Szczecin.

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Argument between Legia and Piast coaches. “He showed me no respect”

The match between Legia and Piast (1:1) was full of negative emotions. This was mainly due to the referee who wrongly showed Josue a red card. After the match, Damian Sylwestrzak even apologized to the Legia players for his mistake. The referee also explained why he made such a decision on Canal+. The coaches have also adapted to the atmosphere surrounding this match and are throwing accusations at each other.

– Sometimes emotions win, although their scale showed the importance of this match. We should all show our better side. Vuković didn’t shake my hand after the match, he disappeared. I am disappointed because he showed me disrespect, and such is simply due to the opponent – said the Legia coach after the end of the match, quoted by TVP Sport .

Vuković replies. “I won’t look for him around the stadium”

The Piast coach did not leave the Legia coach’s statement unanswered. Aleksandar Vuković didn’t refrain from putting in a pin either.

– I am surprised by such words. This is Mr. Runjaic’s opinion. I won’t look for him around the stadium to shake his hand every time – he said – I speak Polish, Serbian and Croatian. Honestly, I don’t like the German language, and Legia’s coach cannot speak to me in any other way than this. It would be good if we could talk to him differently, he added maliciously.

It is no secret that Kosta Runjaić – who is of Serb origin – knows the Serbian language. What is surprising is the great aggression in the exchange of words between both coaches. Especially since before the match it seemed that the relationship between them was at least correct.

After playing six matches, Legia Warszawa is in 3rd place in the table. Runjaic’s players are two points behind the leader Śląsk Wrocław, but they have two games left to play. Piast Gliwice has already played eight matches, but drew six of them, which translates into 12th position in the table.


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