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Run to the pharmacy for it. This ointment is dirt cheap and will deal with pimples in one night


Many popular and expensive cosmetics can be replaced with cheaper products from the pharmacy. Not everyone knows this, but there are substitutes that can cope with various skin problems equally well. One of these ointments costs PLN 5 and will reduce the visibility of pimples in just one night.

There are many popular pharmacy ointments that help deal with skin problems. One of them is an ointment with vitamin A, which is fantastic, especially in the autumn and winter, when we struggle with dry skin and lips. However, it is worth having another popular ointment in your cosmetic bag. This, in turn, will perfectly cope with acne.

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Zinc ointment: what does it help with? It will deal with common skin problems

Not only the ointment with vitamin A is extremely popular, but also the zinc ointment, which is a lighter equivalent of zinc paste. When I use ? It is useful in many situations, but it is most often used when we want to eliminate acne. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and can therefore reduce the visibility of pimples even in one night. It dries and tightens them, getting rid of them quickly and effectively. Zinc ointment is also perfect for people who suffer from rashes and herpes. Importantly, you can buy it in any pharmacy, and its price starts from PLN 5 per tube.

How long should you keep zinc ointment on your face? Using the product is quick and easy

How to best use zinc ointment on face ? It’s really very easy. Just cleanse your skin and apply your favorite care products, e.g. moisturizing cream or nourishing serum. Only then is the zinc ointment applied to the skin prepared in this way. This should be done in spots on blemishes so that it does not dry out the entire face. It is good to use zinc ointment at night so that it can work freely at that time. However, you should be careful because it may stain the pillow. You can then protect yourself by applying a patch, a ointment it will not wear off. In the morning, just wash your face thoroughly and apply standard care. The difference in the size of pimples after using the ointment overnight will be visible to the naked eye. Before first use, you must also perform an allergy test.


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