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Rosati poses in a bikini. A killer silhouette. It’s a shock that she has childbirth on her account – pudelek.pl


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Weronika Rosati boasted on Instagram about catching the rays of the November sun. The celebrity presented herself in a two-piece swimsuit. Dream silhouette?

Weronika Rosati

is one of those stars that divides its life between two continents. Although the actress has been doing everything in her power to stay in Hollywood for years, it cannot be denied that the media is still talking about her in the context of her private life.


Tede mocked Weronika Rosati, referring to the relationship with the actress: “I was with her ONLY A MONTH.” Wojewódzki also mentioned the age…

Despite everything

Weronika Rosati

He willingly boasts about his “American dream” via his Instagram profile. The 39-year-old regularly publishes photos from sunny Los Angeles. He likes to post

shots from trekking in the Californian hills or relaxing on the beach.

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Rosati recalls the tragic accident and talks about Adamczyk


Weronika Rosati impresses with her silhouette on the beach. She wasn’t alone

She also shared her account of relaxing on the hot sand on the night from Sunday to Monday. The celebrity showed how she was dressed

gold bikini

poses on a color-matched towel. He pays attention to her

even tan and an enviable slim figure.

Weronika didn’t “chill” alone. Of course, her beloved kept her company


Photo of almost six years old


also appeared on the famous mother’s InstaStories. We see a girl posing against the background of typical Californian beaches

colorful lifeguard booth.

Surprising November weather

– the actress signed the picture with her child.

See. Is it nice there?

We are reminding:

Weronika Rosati describes how she communicates with her daughter: “I talk like Polonia. FOR example, CAN YOU CLOSE THIS DOOR?”

Source: pudelek.pl

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