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Roksana Wgiel played a concert on Independence Day. An inquisitive fan asks about his earnings. She replied


Roksana Węgiel he’s had his five minutes lately. The media eagerly writes about her private life, especially about… relationship with Kevin Mglej, who is older than herwhich he has a several-year-old son from a previous relationship. In addition, the singer is also eagerly talked about in the context of her career on stage. She recently recorded the album “13+5”. There was also a lot of talk about the song “Łobuz” and its music video, which she recorded together with Beat Kozidrak. The young singer can also count on the support of her fans. Sometimes, however, he has to deal with hate and criticism from Internet users. It was like that this time too.

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Roxie Węgiel reflects on her last five years of career in an interview with Plotek [WYWIAD PLOTKA]

Roksana Węgiel asked about money. The Internet user got an answer

Roksana Wgiel On November 11, on the occasion of Independence Day, she gave a concert in Krakow. She showed off a frame from the event on Instagram. You can see not only Roxie, but also the Kombi band, journalists from Radio RMF FM, and a large crowd in the background. “Happy birthday, Poland! Today we sang red and white hits on the market square in Krakow with Radio RMF FM. How did you spend this day?” – she asked in an Instagram post. Many comments quickly appeared under the photo, in which fans praised the singer. “A wonderful performance”, “You sang wonderfully”, “Your performances were great” – they wrote. However, amidst this admiration, there was a malicious comment. One of the Internet users asked Węgiel directly whether she was paid for the performance. There was much ridicule. “For free or for hay?” – asked an inquisitive Internet user. Interestingly, Roksana did not leave these words unanswered. However, she did not provide details about her finances. “For the voices of all these wonderful people who sang with us and were there with us,” she replied. The matter could have ended there, but the Internet user did not give up. “Yhym, so why are you bragging that you’re playing for Independence Day when you’re doing it for money?” – he wrote. The singer already ignored this statement. However, fans came to Węgiel’s defense. “You are so tiny… You are so hurt by the happiness and joy of others that you can even defile and disgust the national holiday of all Poles in the name of this envy,” they wrote .

Roksana Węgiel is planning a wedding

Recently, it has been said that Roksana Węgiel i Kevin Mglej are planning a wedding. The first details about the celebration have already leaked. “They chose the date shortly after the engagement. The wedding will take place next year. They are sure of their feelings and said there is nothing to wait for,” an informant told Shownews.pl. It doesn’t end there. It is known that the ceremony is to take place in church, and the wedding will probably be modest. More on this topic HERE.


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