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Roksana Węgiel replied to a malicious Internet user. It was about money


18 years old Roksana Węgiel was invited by the RMF FM station to take part in a concert on the occasion of November 11. The event took place in Krakow, and the young artist boasted about her performance on social media.

“Happy birthday, Poland! Today we sang red and white hits on the market square in Krakow with Radio RMF. How did you spend this day?” – Roxie wrote, posting a photo in the company of journalists and the Kombia team.

Unfortunately, one of the Internet users couldn’t forgive himself and decided to attack Roksana Węgiel in the comment. It was about money.

“For free or for hay?” – asked a curious fan.

The young star answered him quite evasively.

“For the voices of all these wonderful people who sang with us and were there with us,” she wrote.

However, the Internet user did not want to give up: “Yhym, so why are you boasting that you are playing on the occasion of Independence Day, if you are doing it for money?” – he pursued the topic further.

Then A brave fan decided to defend Roxie, who wrote…

“But you are tiny… You are so hurt by the happiness and joy of others that you can even defile and disgust the holiday in the name of this envy.”

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