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‘Roadies’ reveals its biggest twist yet as an entire gang dissolves


Mumbai, Sep 9 (IANS) Youth-based reality show ‘Roadies’ has revealed its biggest twist yet, where handpicked favourites of the gang leaders find the camps empty with actor Sonu Sood telling them that excluding them, their entire gang has been dissolved.

These favourites comprising Rishab, Prakram and Ashika, were handpicked by the gang leaders in the previous episode received a wake-up call, only to find out that there is no one in the camps other than them, much to their surprise.

What comes next is a task, which Sonu doesn’t reveal and instead takes them to the location selected by him.

Set against the backdrop of a dense jungle, Sonu unveiled the challenge that lay ahead in the shadows of the forest. Hidden within the wilderness, beneath each tree, there is one of the Roadies behind a mask.

The unknown Roadies are a total mystery, and each of these Roadies are only described by three cryptic adjectives provided by their gang leaders.

These adjectives serve as the only clues to identify the Roadies, and that is no easy task.

For instance the favourites had to guess the Roadies with adjectives like: ‘Funny’, ‘seedha’ and ‘brainless’, ‘bhabhi’, ‘cute’ and second chances’, ‘Ok ok’, ‘theek hai’ and ‘haan okay’ and many more, only making it more of a challenge as it is left very vague.

These handpicked favourites need to decipher various clues, each associated with a numbered tree in the jungle.

The mission, aptly named ‘Dhoond Barabar Dhoond’, challenges the contestants to claim these masked Roadies for their new gangs by marking them with their gang’s colours.

However, they need to keep in mind that the number of Roadies in each gang must remain unchanged – Rhea with seven, Prince with six, and Gautam with five – with the stipulation that each gang must include at least two girls.

Amidst mounting tensions, Sonu ends up offering the favourites a chance to execute the ‘Kaand card,’ a strategic move that could shield them from the next two vote-outs.

Once the formation of the new gang was entrenched, Rhea said: “The worst part is jab aap nahi dekh sakte, jab aapko nahi pata aapki gang kya karne wali hai, and in this case aapka favourite kya karne wala hai!”

She later went on to express her trust, telling the others “I have faith in Rishabh.”

Prince, expressing his caution said: “Bhai, yeh na bohot risky task hai. Jo bohot hi strong gang thi woh weak naa ho jaye. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai.”

Gautam chimes in, adding: “Mujhe laga Roadies pe har cheez ghum firke aati hai. Yaha ulta hota hai sab kuch.”

‘MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand’ on Saturday and Sunday on MTV and Jio Cinema .


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