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Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways is more than just a refresh. Capcom may delight fans


Capcom invited our editorial staff to a pre-release screening of the story expansion for Resident Evil 4 Remake. Separate Ways will be an expansive story that has been refreshed in every last detail.

In the fragment presented by Capcom, I saw how Luis Sera is imprisoned, but after a while the hero receives a lot of support from a mysterious figure – for players it will not be a big surprise that Ada Wong decided to help, but the appearance of the man itself is somehow significant .

Taking into account the events of the original, this is the second chapter of the expansion, in which Ada must help Luis, but after a while the player takes control of the character herself. The secret agent easily kills subsequent opponents with a knife and moves around the next parts of the castle. Ada also likes to shoot at enemies and, after knocking down an opponent, finish the action with a clever kick – the developers took care of some eye-catching animations.

Resident Evil 4 - Separate Ways - combat

However, we cannot talk about many new things and unexpected places here – as we know, Separate Ways takes place in the world that we got to know well in Resident Evil 4 Remake. There are no new locations or surprises in the presented shots… although I still hope that Capcom has actually expanded the adventure and will offer players something more. According to the leaks, this will be the case, and the add-on has been significantly expanded – although it was impossible to tell from the fragments shown.

Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways is much more mobile than Leon, because the heroine can again use a special grappling hook – the equipment allows her to cling to selected walls to quickly cover a long distance. The device is also useful in combat, because Ada can smoothly jump to an enemy in the distance who has been knocked down by, for example, a barrel explosion.

Ada’s gameplay in the Resident Evil 4 Remake expansion seems to be more stealth-oriented at several moments – the heroine reaches for her weapon without any problems, but during the presentation I saw much more often how the girl copes well with more calm actions. However, you don’t have to worry about the lack of shooting – during the fight with the giant, the girl not only shows her fighting skills using a pistol, rifle, shotgun and crossbow, but also willingly uses the mentioned equipment (rope) to escape or even inflict heavy damage on the fallen boss.

Resident Evil 4 - Separate Ways - hook

Ada’s equipment was already an interesting addition in the original, and now new players will become familiar with the device’s capabilities – the grappling hook refreshes the gameplay, and although it is difficult to talk about a revolution in this case, the developers have, in their own way, ensured pleasant dynamics. I must definitely emphasize that the machine only works in places selected by the developers – after approaching some walls, we see a symbol that confirms that we can use the gadget. The situation is the same in the case of combat – we will not use the offer at every moment.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways, like Resident Evil 4 Remake, is distinguished by its excellent graphics – the developers once again fully refreshed the locations and characters to offer players the quality that many admired after the premiere of the refreshed RE4.

As we know, the action from Separate Ways is significantly connected to Resident Evil 4 Remake, because Ada helps Leon at several moments – in the material I could see how the girl influences the events of the original.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways was officially announced last week at State of Play, and the expansion will be available this week – the premiere is scheduled for September 21.


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