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“Ragmy”, “beaten”, “kobita” – these are how women with this name were nicknamed. They hated him


“I never liked it… and it was already my nightmare at school. I grew up surrounded by Anek, Kasiek, and Zosiek. Julka was the pinnacle of originality. No one could remember it, all the teachers were wrong, and the students were calling names.” Several mothers confided that this name was the biggest nightmare in their lives.

Origin and meaning of the name Brygida

Brigid is a female name of Celtic origin. There is no certainty as to where it comes from. Experts believe that it may come from the name of a Celtic goddess “Brigid” from the word “brigh” meaning “strength”, “valor”, “virtue” or “briganti” That is “tall”. The name is appeared in Poland already in the Middle Ages, and was written in various forms: Brygida, Bryjida, Bryda, Bryta, Brytnia. This name was most popular in Poland in the 1950s and 1960s. According to the latest reports published by gov.pl, 2 girls were named this way in the first half of 2023.

Characteristics of the name

Thanks to her energy and spontaneous ideas, Brygida quickly gains sympathy and favor from those around her. The more people around her, the more she blooms and spreads optimism. She is an individualist who does not follow blindly trends and fashion, she only acts as her soul and heart tell her. She likes to play with fashion, colors and interior design. Her unique and original ideas are liked by others and often provide inspiration. She is an interesting chatterbox, and her charm makes it impossible to stay angry with her or hold a grudge for too long. She also prefers to quickly clarify any misunderstandings and disputes. He does not like quarrels and intrigues and tries to avoid them in his life. She likes to observe others and, when asked, is very willing to give them advice. She can be stubborn and persistent, especially when she really cares about something, and she can prove that nothing is impossible for her.

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Name day: February 1, July 23

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Diminutives: Bry, Bry, Brycia, Brydzia, Brydziula, Brydziulka, Brydziunia, Brydziusia, Brydziuś, Brydź, Brydż, Bryga, Brygi, Brygidka, Brygidusia, Brynia, Brysia, Brytka, Bryś, Bryśka, Gida

Professional predispositions

What Brygida cares most about is being able to combine her passions and interests with her professional life. Even if it didn’t bring big money and a global career. Satisfaction with what she does plays a huge role in her life. Brygida is not ashamed of her weaknesses and works on them if necessary. When obstacles and difficulties occur in her life, she does not give up, she just tries to find something solution problem. She likes being with other people, it gives her more energy and motivation. He has lots of creative ideas and tries to implement them. This woman will be perfect as a journalist, artist, doctor, dentist, lawyer, editor, PR or marketing specialist, interior decorator, designer, stylist, make-up artist.

Famous namesakes:

  • Brigitte Auber – French actress
  • Brigitte Bardot – French actress
  • Brigid Brophy – British novelist
  • Bridget Christie – British stand-up comedian
  • Brigitte Engerer – French pianist
  • Bridget Everett – American actress, comedian, singer
  • Birgit Fischer – German kayaker
  • Bridget Flanery – American actress
  • Bridget Fonda – American actress
  • Brigitte Fontaine – French singer, writer and actress
  • Brygida Frosztęga-Kmiecik – Polish film director, screenwriter and journalist
  • Brigitte Fossey – French film and theater actress
  • Bridget Graham – Canadian actress
  • Brygida Grysiak – Polish journalist
  • Bridget Hall – American model
  • Bridget Hanley – American actress
  • Brigitte Helm – German actress
  • Bridget “Biddy” Hodson – British actress
  • Bridget Hoffman – American actress
  • Brigitte Horney – German actress
  • Bridget Kearney – American composer and musician
  • Bridget Kelly – American singer
  • Brigid Kemmerer – American novelist
  • Brygida Kuźniak – Polish lawyer, politician
  • Bridget Lancaster – American television personality
  • Bridget Malcolm – model of Australian origin
  • Brigitte Macron – French First Lady since May 14, 2017
  • Bridget Marquardt – American model, TV presenter, announcer, actress
  • Bridgit Mendler – American actress
  • Bridget Moynahan – American actress, model
  • Brigitte Nielsen – Danish actress, model, presenter and singer
  • Bridget Regan – American film, television and theater actress
  • Bridget Satterlee – American model
  • Brygida Turowska – Polish actress


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