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Rafał Trzaskowski talked about the cyclical nature of the Independence March. Storm on the Internet


During a press conference summarizing the course of this year’s Independence March Rafał Trzaskowski answered the question about the future of the event, specifically its cyclical nature.

– It’s hard for me to say what will happen in a year, two, three. We remember those years when the law was violated, when Warsaw was devastatedby the way, this also happened during the PiS government – he said, recalling that “over the last three years it was rather peaceful, there were sporadic violations of order.”

Rafał Trzaskowski on financing the March: We know it will end

– I think that this day should not be dominated only by national groups. We opposed it. These groups were supported by PiS with huge amounts of budget, we know this will definitely end – emphasized the local government official.

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– I will appeal all the time for it to be calm, for no one to dominate it, because this is a celebration for all of us, but what will happen next year – it’s hard for me to say. I also hope that our court battles, the voice of the Uprising Women and the Insurgents, the greatest authorities, contribute to calming these moods. Let’s hope that this will be the case in the coming years, he concluded.

Trzaskowski’s statement. Bocheński comments

The statement of the President of Warsaw was commented by the Masovian Voivode, Tobiasz Bocheński.

“I would like to assure everyone who cares about celebrating Polish independence that the decision on the periodicity of the Independence March is issued by the Masovian Voivode, and not Mr. Trzaskowski,” he emphasized.

“Secondly, the decision on cyclicality is not based on anyone’s whims or opinions, but is based on the law in force in Poland. It is of an administrative and legal nature, so regardless of which party the voivode represents, he will have to act in accordance with the letter of the law. Only a change in the law could rule out the cyclical nature of the March“- wrote Bochenek.

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In his opinion, President Trzaskowski’s statement should be considered “one of the first attempts to disturb the peaceful and joyful celebration of November 11 in Warsaw.”

This is disgusting“that at the moment when several hundred thousand Poles are joyfully celebrating Independence Day in the capital, such provocative words were uttered at the same time, detached from reality and the legal status,” comments the Masovian Voivode.

Trzaskowski’s words caused a storm

The words of the president of Warsaw were also widely commented on by other users of the X website. The leader of the Confederation, Sławomir Mentzen, stated that he “does not fully understand Rafał Trzaskowski.”

“It’s hard to imagine a more cyclical and regular eventthan marching on every subsequent Independence Day,” he wrote.

Anna Gańska-Lipińska, a PiS activist and former Pomeranian vice-curator of education, also posted a comment on the matter on the X platform. “Who does he think he is?that he has the nerve to decide who and how can parade on Aleje in Warsaw?! Poland has not yet perished while we are alive,” she declared.

PiS youth activist Oskar Szafarowicz, in turn, wrote that “the patriotic uprising of sovereignty defenders will never end.”


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