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Radwańska started a storm with her words about Świątek. They pointed her out mercilessly


– She could not even perform to support the girls, or she could play, but at a lower level, just to win – said Agnieszka Radwańska about Iga Swiatek’s performance in the Billie Jean King Cup. The former tennis player said much more on this topic, and her words were widely commented on the Internet by fans. Radwańska is unlikely to like most of the answers. “I’m glad Iga doesn’t have this mentality,” we read.

Iga Świątek finished her exhausting season a few days ago. She did it in great style – she won the WTA Finals tournament and regained the lead in the world ranking. She previously announced that after the Tournament of Champions she would take part in the Billie Jean King Cup in Seville, but later she gave up this idea, explaining it by being very tired and “planning the calendar by the WTA and ITF” .

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This is why Iga Świątek is so successful. We analyze

A heated discussion after Agnieszka Radwańska’s words about Iga Świątek. “Very disappointing”

Agnieszka Radwańska spoke on this matter, showing understanding and emphasizing that the decision belongs to Świątek. At the same time, she noted that the leader of the WTA ranking could help the national team a lot. – She might not even perform to support the girls, or play at a lower level just to win. She might not attend all the meetings, but the most important ones, she said. Then she recalled that Świątek refused to play in the Billie Jean King Cup not only “when the calendar didn’t fit”, and that at a similar age she “played practically everything” .

Radwańska’s words were widely echoed in Poland and abroad. Many people did not agree with the former tennis player’s words. “I don’t agree. The match with Canada to get out of the group was on Thursday in Seville – that’s how it turned out. There would be very little time after the WTA Finals for regeneration, flight and preparations. Agnieszka ‘played practically everything’ and ended her career due to constant injuries in aged 29,” wrote Dominik Senkowski from Sport.pl.

You can find more similar comments on the Internet. “Radwańska criticizes Świątek because she played more ‘at her age’. Let me just remind you that Radwańska ‘at her age’ was not a world number one”, “Very disappointing on Agnieszka’s part”, “Especially sad that it came from Agnieszka, who was literally next to me when Iga cried with all her heart after the defeat against Pegula in the United Cup at the beginning of the year – she saw how much it meant to her. And then she says this nonsense,” we read.

It was also emphasized that for Świątek, playing without full commitment could be pointless. “I read it twice because I can’t understand that Iga could just be there (seriously?). Or play with a lower intensity just to win… Girl, I thought you knew Iga? Either way, I’m glad that Iga does not have this mentality – I’m sorry Agnieszka,” it was written.

It was also recalled that the leader of the world ranking rarely said no to the national team. “Since Iga made her debut in 2018, she only refused in November this year and last year for the same reasons (tired from the season – ed.), and in April she was eliminated by an injury (she also did not play last year against Brazil – ed.). Another the point is that if it weren’t for the wild card for Poland (in this year’s BJK Cup – ed.), there would be no discussion,” it was noted.

Very poor performance of the Polish women at the Billie Jean King Cup

Without Iga Świątek, it was much more difficult for the Poles to fight for a good result in the tournament. They lost the competition against the Canadians 0:3, they did slightly better against the Spanish, against whom they lost 1:2 – the only victory was achieved by Katarzyna Kawa and Martyna Kubka in a doubles match against Marina Bassols Ribera and Cristina Bucsa.


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