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Racho will disrupt Tusk’s conference. There will be a report to the prosecutor’s office, but in defense of the TVP employee


Donald Tusk on Tuesday, September 19, he held a press conference. Under the headquarters Polish Television in Warsaw he said, among others: about the propaganda role TVP has been fulfilling for the ruling camp since it was taken over by Law and Justice. – As you may remember, for many years the opposition had fundamental doubts whether and how to participate in the programs prepared in the gloomy kitchen of Mr. Jacek Kurski and, now, his successor – he added. The politician’s speech was interrupted by TVP employee Michał Rachoń, who unsuccessfully tried to ask Tusk questions. He did not respond to calls politician KO. They asked him to remain calm. Eventually, they got into a verbal fight. “Threats were made against Michał Rachoń”, which prompted the director of the Press Freedom Monitoring Center of the Association of Polish Journalists to submit a report to the prosecutor’s office.

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Brawl and fights at Donald Tusk’s conference in front of TVP headquarters. Michał Rachoń in the main role

Michał Rachoń disrupted Tusk’s conference. “We were dealing with an attempt to intimidate a journalist”

– I know this material from a publication on TVP Info, I also talked to… Michał Rachońto make sure that I’m not dealing with phantasmagoria – said Jolanta Hajdasz, director of the Press Freedom Monitoring Center of the Association of Polish Journalists, about the fight outside the TVP headquarters recorded by the media. – On behalf of the Press Freedom Monitoring Center, I would like to express my highest indignation at the politicians’ statements Civic Coalition. There was a scandalous violation of freedom of speech, and criminal threats were made against the journalist. This has nothing to do with a democratic state of law – she added in an interview with TVP Info.

CMWP SDP will submit a report to the prosecutor’s office, demanding clarification whether any law has been broken. Threats were made against Michał Rachoń. If something were to happen to him in the near future, it would be difficult not to associate it with today’s conference Donald Tusk. We were dealing with an attempt to intimidate a journalist. Today, CMWP will publish a strong protest, announced Jolanta Hajdasz.

A quarrel in front of the TVP headquarters. “Mr. Rachoń, you created a circus, you spit, you are unsightly”

During Tuesday’s press conference, Donald Tusk repeatedly threatened to call Michał Rachon police. It was related to an employee of Telewizja Polska disturbing the peace of the meeting. – Mr. Rachoń, you created a circus. Goodbye – the conference host said to the TVP employee. – You spit. Please go away, you are unsightly, said Donald Tusk. During the boss’s speech Civic Platform Rachoń, often incomprehensibly because without a microphone, shouted questions at Tusk, including: about his policy towards Russia and Germany. – I’ll have to call the police because you’re interfering with our execution work – the PO leader warned then. – You will be held criminally responsible for this type of actions – he emphasized.

After Tusk finished his statement, Michał Rachoń did not give up and got into a fight with other politicians. There was a heated discussion, among others: with Michał Kołodziejczak. The candidate also joined the fray Sejm Andrzej Rozenek from the Civic Coalition list. – How many apartments do you have bought for rent? How many apartments do you have, six or seven? – he asked a TVP employee directly. – Did you know that we have the addresses of these apartments? – added. This question outraged the right-wing media. They decided that Rozenek was dangerous.


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