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Quarrel among participants in the “Battle for the Guests”. Viewers are furious: “Shame” – pudelek.pl




It’s hot again in the “Battle for the Guests”. This time, the participants valued bed and breakfast with another couple for only… PLN 100. Internet users believe that they deliberately lowered their score to win. “Shame, how can this be?”

“Battle for Guests”

is a new TVN format in which owners of accommodation places visit each other’s facilities and reliably estimate how much they would pay for their stay. At least that’s how it was supposed to be, because after the last episode aired, the audience became visibly angry. This isn’t the first time.


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There was a confrontation in the “Battle for the Guests”. It was hot

This time in the episode we could see the belongings of another four couples, including a family agritourism in Masovia run by

Czesław and Beata

and the palace on the reservoir near Radom, which they manage

Konrad and Paweł

. Unexpectedly, there was a confrontation between these couples at the end of the episode. All because of the surprising price that the latter charged the former.

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After staying at “Mirabelkowe Zacisze”, the gentlemen valued the accommodation with breakfast at Czesław and Beata’s place at only… PLN 100

. This is a difference of as much as PLN 390 compared to the actual price per night in this facility, which clearly hurt its owners. It is worth remembering that this is not without significance, because the program is won by the one who obtains the highest percentage of the amounts awarded by the participants.

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As a result, “Mirabelkowe Zacisze” received only 61 percent of what guests would normally pay. What’s more, “Pałac Domaniowski”, whose owners valued the stay with Czesław and Beata so low, won this episode, obtaining 83 percent of the starting amount. When the end credits appeared on the screen, a confrontation broke out between the participants.

I have a question for Paweł and Konrad. Is there a facility somewhere in Poland that costs PLN 100? Have you been to one?

– Czesław asked, slightly indignant.

I don’t know… However, we said it loud and clear that we would not choose such a facility, so we considered the amount we paid, maybe slightly too little, as compensation for breakfast

– one of the owners tried to explain.

Internet users crush the participants of the “Battle for the Guests”. “Shame”

Czesław did not continue the discussion and only looked pointedly at the ceiling, but it was clear that the atmosphere had become very thick. Internet users also sensed this and left no stone unturned on the owners of the “Domaniowski Palace”. They accuse them of deliberately lowering the ratings of other participants in order to win, and that their behavior was at least inelegant.

“Oh, gentlemen from the “Palace”, there is no respect for the hosts…”, “The idea of ​​the program is very cool, but selecting the winners is a failure. Every episode there are some tricksters who are either forced to look for something or deliberately pay as little as possible”, “But you gentlemen made an anti-advertisement, it’s a shame…”, “He was right to point out to the winners, PLN 100 for a bed and breakfast is a mockery. Cunning has won once again”, “Gentlemen from the Palace – shame, how can it be like that? I think, that they have lost a lot of guests at the moment”

– commenters shout.

What’s more, the intrigue probably didn’t work out for the gentlemen, because Internet users indicate that they are now much more willing to visit “Mirabelkowe Zacisze” than Paweł and Konrad’s facility.

“Mirabelle should win”, “This program shows that you have to be careful what you do and say, because then people will catch many things. After this episode, I would not go to this Palace”, “The gentlemen from the Palace have a total lack of culture. For me this is a sign to avoid this place, and I will gladly go to Mirabelkowo Zacisze”, “I would like to visit Mirabelkowo”

– we read.

Source: pudelek.pl

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