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PS5 with amazing technology? Sony may change its approach to single-player games


Sony is constantly working not only on… improving the gameplay experience on PS5, but also looks at new technologies that can completely change the approach to single-player titles. The company has patented a function that allows the player to return to the game at any time.

The Japanese manufacturer started the current generation with a completely new controller and a completely refreshed PS5 menu. The console received a number of interesting features, including thanks to the impressive September update, but the company is still trying to implement some innovations on PlayStation 5.

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The latest PlayStation patent should appeal to players who like to check more than once during the game what would have happened if they had made several different decisions at a key moment.

The patent titled “streaming content while starting the game” allows you to select a certain stage of the position and return to the game at any time.

Development studios would probably be forced to somehow divide the titles into “subchapters” of sorts to prepare more “trigger points” thanks to which the user would be able to experience subsequent sequences anew.

The details of the patent are not clear, but it seems quite possible that the player could create the mentioned “points” himself by preparing materials (videos and screenshots), and then, while viewing the shots, he would automatically start the game.

There are plenty of options for using the discussed technology – recipients could, for example, efficiently create very extensive production guides, returning to designated stages in a second and presenting subsequent elements of the title.

There are rightly doubts about gameplay saves – where would the game data be stored? It is not known whether PS5 would be able to save only the mentioned points to restore the gameplay without saving individual (previous) scenes.


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