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President Erdogan: The US must put stronger pressure on Israel


“We should hold talks with Egypt and the Gulf countries and put pressure on the United States together,” Erdogan said. — The US should increase pressure on Israel, the West should increase pressure on Israel; A ceasefire is absolutely crucial for us, added the Turkish president.

– It is the USA that has the greatest influence on Israel, he noted.

The Turkish president, commenting on the possibility of talking about the events in the Gaza Strip with US President Joe Biden, noted that the American leader should call him. — We recently hosted Secretary of State Antony Blinken, I think that from now on Joe Biden will lead the talks, but I think it would not be appropriate for me to call him, Erdogan said.

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During another speech on Sunday, the Turkish president addressed the prime minister Israel Binyamin Netanyahu, saying: “Remember that your days are numbered.” Earlier – intensifying his rhetoric after initial offers of mediation between Israel and Hamas – Erdogan announced that he would no longer hold talks with the Israeli prime minister.


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