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Prachi Bansal to portray Goddess Ganga in ‘Shiv Shakti’


New Delhi, Aug 29 (IANS) Actress Prachi Bansal, who is set to portray Goddess Ganga in the mythological magnum opus ‘Shiv Shakti-Tap Tyag Tandav’, said this role is not just a portrayal, but it’s a profound responsibility.

The show revolves around two of the most venerated deities- Shiv and Shakti. It outlines their journey of duty, sacrifice, and separation that leads to tap, tyag, and tandav. The show portrays the magnificent portrayal of Lord Shiv and Goddess Sati’s first love story.

In its current storyline, Tarkasur has been meditating to harness the power that he needs to vanquish Indra and the Devas and take control of Swarg Lok. Bhagiratha, Anshuman’s grandson, undertakes severe ascetic practices and wins the favour of Brahma and Shiva. Brahma allows Ganga to descend on earth, while Shiva breaks her fall in his matted hair so that she does not shatter the earth with her might.

As the story proceeds with these colossal events, Prachi will join the show in the role of Goddess Ganga, who is the personification of the holy river worshipped for purification and forgiveness.

Talking about the same, Prachi shared: “I’ve revered Ganga and I think I’ve manifested her in my life with Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyag Tandav. It is an honor beyond measure to embody the essence of the sacred Ganga. Just as her waters have nourished countless souls, she has now become a part of my journey. This role is not just a portrayal; it’s a profound responsibility.”

“As an actor, this marks a monumental milestone in my path, especially because this show has received an immense amount of love from the viewers. I hope to showcase my versatility as an actor and pray that the viewers embrace me in this role,” she added.

‘Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyag Tandav’ airs on Colors.


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