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Polls in Kataka: Siddaramaiah refused to get a ticket from Kolar, and sent the local chief


BENGALURU, April 15 (IANS) In a setback for opposition leader Siddaramaiah, the Kolar Assembly seat has been allocated to a local leader by Congress. Siddaramaiah also requested a ticket from Kolar constituency. At present he is contesting from Varuna seat.

The party allocated the ticket to Kothur Manjunath. According to sources in the party, invisible hands within Congress have denied Siddaramaiah the safest option by denying him a ticket to contest from two constituencies.

Siddaramaiah was planning to keep Kolar and resign from the Varuna constituency. He had planned to have his son, Yathendra Siddaramaiah, elected in a by-ballot. However, with the BJP fielding a formidable candidate in the Varuna constituency in the form of senior leader V. Somana and the Congress refusing to give him a ticket from Kolar, sources make it clear that Siddaramaiah was pushed into a tight spot.

Kothur Manjunath stated that the high command announced his name without asking him. He confirmed that Siddaramaiah should be a candidate from Kolar. “But if the local leaders want me to challenge, I will,” he said.

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