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Polish priest in Aruba. The story of Fr. Andrzej Makowiec


Aruba is located 22 kilometers from the coast of Venezuela, but belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. There are no waterfalls or rivers on the island, and drinking water is obtained through… seawater desalination. This place is famous for huge aloe plantations and strong wind.

– It’s been windy for 9 to 10 months. The months in which it stops are August and September. South-west wind – realizes Fr., who has been living there for 12 years. Andrzej Makowiec.

In the material Dzień Dobry TVN, the priest told how his adventure with traveling began. – It was 1986. My superior suggested going to study theology in the Dominican Republic. Not knowing the Dominican Republic, not knowing where I was going, I made a positive decision. After the Dominican Republic, God’s providence took me to Bonaire – a tiny island with 10,000 inhabitants. I spent 21 years on it. And today I have been a parish priest in Aruba for 12 years – points out the priest.

Fr. Andrzej Makowiec shared with the viewers of Dzień Dobry TVN his observations on the differences between Catholic customs in Poland and those visible in Aruba.

– Many things are the same, because it is the same teaching, (…) but the message is definitely different. When it comes to Christmas, there are rorates in Poland. Here is the novena 9 days before Christmas. We have mass at 5am for 9 days. Normally, people who do not come all year round are present at these masses, so the church is full in every parish, says the priest.

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Author: Berenika Olesińska

Reporter: Irmine Somers

Main photo source: Good morning TVN


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