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Poles on migration policy. The latest survey


What else do the survey results indicate?

As the survey results indicate, many respondents have a neutral attitude to the issue of migration policy. The answer “neither bad nor good” was given by 14.7 percent. of them. 19.5 percent respondents do not know what exactly Poland’s migration policy is, therefore they cannot assess it.

Poles and the visa scandal

39.7 percent Poles believe that the visa scandal will not affect PiS’s election result; over 30 percent is of the opinion that the case will harm PiS – according to Monday’s IBRiS poll for “Rzeczpospolita” and RMF FM.

The newspaper notes that the voters of the opposition (46%), Confederation (37%), but also 20% are convinced that the scandal will translate into support for PiS. voting for PiS. “As many as 21.4 percent of respondents had not heard anything about the so-called visa scandal,” writes “Rz.”


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