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PKO BP Ekstraklasa: ŁKS – Piast 3:3



TODAY 11/11/2023

photo Łukasz Grochala / Cyfrasport

We celebrated National Independence Day in Łódź with an extremely exciting spectacle. Even though they were already losing 0:3, the Ełkaesia team managed to score three goals and received a valuable point as a reward. In the 15th round of the PKO BP Ekstraklasa, ŁKS players drew 3-3 with Piast Gliwice.

Saturday’s competition, held on the National Independence Day, started as expected by the Gliwice team, who quickly took over the initiative and took the lead in the first quarter of an hour. Before this happened, Aleksandr Bobek (he played in the starting line-up because Dawid Arndt was injured during the pre-match warm-up) tried to surprise Arkadiusz Pyrka, ending his rally on the right side of the field with a sharp shot.

This time the ball soared over the crossbar, but in the 10th minute the guests quickly played the ball in front of the sixteen players from Łódź, which went to the right side, where Damian Kądzior, left unattended, opened the scoring with a flat shot. In the 20th minute it was already 2-0 for Piast, because Piotr Mosór took advantage of Damian Kądzior’s cross from a free kick, overtook the defender and goalkeeper of ŁKS, heading the ball into the net, and in the 38th minute after a quick counterattack by the visitors and a pass by Jorge Michael Ameyaw scored Felix’s third goal.

It was a very bad half by the Łódź team and only the last seconds of this part of the game improved our mood a bit. First, after a corner kick and a header by Adrien Louveau, Piast’s defender knocked the ball off the goal line, and then there was a clash between Alexandros Katranis and the Frenchman. Ełkaesiak fell to the pitch, the referee, using the help of VAR, found the Greek’s behavior to be an offense, gave it a red card and awarded ŁKS a penalty kick, which was converted into a goal by Dani Ramirez (1:3).

During the break, coach Piotr Stokowiec decided to make two changes. Bartosz Szeliga and Kay Tejan appeared on the pitch, and ŁKS decided to turn the tide of the match. Just a moment after the game was resumed, the latter won the ball in Piast’s half, boldly moved towards the goal and, despite the assist of another defender, decided to take a shot, after which the ball hit the net right next to the post (2:3). A moment after the Dutchman’s contact goal, Adam Marciniak came close to equalizing the score – his header was slightly off target.

For the next few minutes, we tried to get at our opponent, who not only defended wisely, but was also able to shift the weight of the game to our half from time to time (he also executed several set pieces). However, the Ełkaesia team did not give up and in the 66th minute they achieved their goal – after a corner kick and confusion in front of Piast’s goal, the ball fell on the leg of Piotr Janczukowicz, who shot as hard as he could and a second later the scoreboard showed a draw again – this is how we made up for the loss – from 0: 3 to 3:3! Let us add that this is the player’s first goal in the Ekstraklasa.

The rest of the match was also interesting. The action moved from one penalty area to another, on the pitch there was a fierce fight for each ball, individual actions, spurts and tensions in the sixteen. In the 80th minute, after an efficient exchange of passes and dribbling by Dani Ramirez, the Spaniard shot from sixteen meters, but directly at the well-positioned Frantisek Plach. A moment later, Engjell Hoti shot past the post from a similar distance (he started the Łódź team’s game after entering the pitch), in the 88th minute, Stipe Jurić headed the latter’s cross, and in the added time, after Dani Ramirez’s shot and ricochet, the ball flew right past the post again.

After an exciting show, the players of Łódź Sports Club drew 3-3 with Piast Gliwice. In the next round of the PKO BP Ekstraklasa games, the Łódź team will face Zagłębie Lubin at the Króla Stadium. The meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 24.

15th round of the PKO BP Ekstraklasa / ŁKS Łódź – Piast Gliwice 3:3 (1:3)

  • Goals: 0:1 Damian Kądzior (10), 0:2 Ariel Mosór (20), 0:3 Michael Ameyaw (38), 1:3 Dani Ramirez (45 – penalty), 2:3 Kay Tejan (48), 3: 3 Piotr Janczukowicz (67)
  • Yellow cards: Dankowski, Mokrzycki, Tejan, Tutyskinas (ŁKS), Tomasiewicz, Mosór (Piast)
  • Red card: Katranis (45)
  • Judge: Paweł Raczkowski (Warsaw)
  • Viewers:7921

Compositions: :

  • ŁKS: Aleksander Bobek – Kamil Dankowski (46, Bartosz Szeliga), Levent Gulen (66, Engjell Hoti), Adam Marciniak, Artemijus Tutyskinas, Dani Ramirez, Adrien Louveau, Michał Mokrzycki (82, Adrian Małachowski), Piotr Głowacki (46, Kay Tejan ), Piotr Janczukowicz, Stipe Jurić. Coach: Piotr Stokowiec.
  • Piast: Frantisek Plach – Arkadiusz Pyrka, Ariel Mosór, Jakub Czerwiński, Alexandros Katranis, Damian Kądzior, Patryk Dziczek, Grzegorz Tomasiewicz, Miłosz Szczepański (46, Jakub Holubek), Jorge Felix (88, Tomas Huk), Michael Ameyaw. Coach: Aleksandar Vukovic.


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