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Independence Day is a very important day for Poles. We then celebrate regaining freedom after 123 years partitions and absence on the world map. Of course, famous media people join the celebrations on this day. How did they decide to celebrate this historic event?

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White and red flags

IN Independence Day As every year, white and red flags were hung on the city streets. This is mainly an initiative of the authorities. However, many Poles do it on their own. She was among such people Ewa Wachowicz. The culinary star decided to place the Polish flag in front of her house. She also encouraged her fans to do the same.

How are you? Flag up? – she wrote next to the photo on Instagram.

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Music for Independence Day

She decided on a different way to celebrate this special day Monika Olejnik. The journalist decided to choose people who, in her opinion, would best promote Poland in the international arena in 2023.

The figures she honored included athletes, actors, musicians and writers. On social media she mentioned, among others: Olga Tokarczuk, Iga Świątek, Robert Lewandowski, Janna, Agnieszka Holland Whether Jerzy Skolimowski. Independence Day seems to be a good day to attempt such summaries.

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Monika Olejnik she also decided to recall a song that was important to her. She decided to quote “Don’t ask about Poland” of the Republic. Grzegorz Ciechowski’s text certainly resonates even better on Independence Day. The journalist also mentioned the aspects that, in her opinion, guarantee our freedom and independence.

On Independence Day, I congratulate everyone who… they positively promote Poland in the world! […] Who do you think deserved the ovation for promoting Poland in the world? Traditionally, listening to Grzesiek Ciechowski’s “Don’t ask about Poland”. I am waiting for your ovation proposals. Sport, culture, education and activity give us freedom and independence – wrote Olejnik.

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Piłsudski takes a selfie?

As a curiosity on Independence Day It is worth mentioning the work of Instagram user szkolna_polska. He took advantage artificial intelligenceto generate graphics in which historical figures important to Poland take selfies. There were, among others, Józef Piłsudski, Ignacy Jan Pederwski and Wincenty Witos. Also appeared… Mike Tyson! Recently he bought pigeons near Piątnica. You can admit with humor that he is almost Polish.

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