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PFI Link: NIA is attached two floors of the Pune School Building


NEW DELHI, April 17 (IANS) The National Intelligence Agency on Sunday lined two floors of a school building in Pune where the People’s Front of India (PFI) was organizing camps to spread radicalization, indoctrinate and train Muslim youths to carry out targeted killings and attacks against specific community leaders and organisations.

The fourth and fifth floors of the Blue Bell School building have been used by the PFI to plan and prepare to carry out terrorist activities with the aim of endangering the unity, safety and security of India.

“PFI has been recruiting innocent Muslim youths in uniform in these places, and also providing them with armed and unarmed training to eliminate/attack those who oppose the establishment of Islamic rule in the country by 2047,” the Islamic Freedom Party said.

The official said the two floors were appended by the NIA to “terrorism proceeds” under provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Act, in a case the agency registered on April 13.

NIA filed an indictment on March 18, 2023, before the NIA Special Court in Delhi, against 20 accused, including PFI, as an organisation.

The National Intelligence Agency searched two floors of the school’s buildings on September 22 of last year.

The agency had seized incriminating documents, which revealed that said property was being used by the defendants, who were found to be associated with PFI, to organize weapons training for its cadres. The training camps served as platforms to incite innocent Muslim youth against the government, as well as against the leaders and organizations of a particular community. The camps were also used to inflame their feelings and provoke them to embrace violent jihad with the aim of committing terrorist acts.

Newly recruited PFI cadres are trained to use dangerous weapons, like knife, machete etc., to attack and kill prominent leaders opposing the group’s ideology of establishing Islamic rule in India.

The investigations of the National Intelligence Agency had revealed earlier that the defendants are part of a criminal conspiracy to establish a caliphate and Islamic rule in India by waging war on the country and overthrowing the democratically elected government. They were all identified as PFI’s senior cadres, accountants, and authorized signatories to PFI’s bank accounts.

The NIA investigated the activities of the PFI, which had been banned for five years, in September 2022 by the government.

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