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ONR members booed Bosak. Incident during a speech at the Independence March. “You are cheating Poles” | Policy


ONR supporters disrupted Krzysztof Bosak’s speech at the Independence March. They shouted offensive slogans at the address Confederation. Sandalwho is the party leader, was booed.

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The Independence March started through the streets of Warsaw

Krzysztof Bosak booed by ONR supporters at the Independence March. “You are cheating Poles”

Supporters ONR they booed Krzysztof Bosakwhen he delivered his speech. – We must defend Polish independence. She won’t defend herself (…). Independence means that we decide on key matters ourselves (…). We are united by our attachment to Polish colors and country Polishfaith, respect for the Catholic faith and Christian values ​​that shaped the foundations of culture and legislation in our country – he said.

During Bosak’s speech, ONR supporters also directed offensive remarks at the Confederation. – Konfa, you are trash, you are cheating Poles – they chanted. As journalist Dominik Serwacki reported, some nationalists also shouted other slogans.

“‘Politicians“Sellers,” the national column shouts at Krzysztof Bosak, who is now speaking to the crowd at the Independence March, he said.

Independence march. Incident involving climate activists, police intervened

The behavior of ONR supporters during Krzysztof Bosak’s speech is another incident that occurred during the Independence March. How we wrote, the first was related to climate activists from the Bombelki collective who appeared at the celebrations. The demonstrators held banners including: with the slogans “The climate crisis fuels fascism” and “No new gas”. Activists were forcibly removed from the route march by the police.


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