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Obama’s 22-year-old daughter “caught”! They took photos of her smoking a cigarette


Barack Obama is one of the most favorite presidents of the United States. Although the politician has not been the head of state for over six years, he still arouses great emotions.

During the term of office Barack Obama his wife lived with him in the White House Michelle and their two daughters: Malia and Sasha. Due to their young age, the president’s children grew up almost before our eyes.

Today, Malia and Sasha are adult women. American women have it accordingly 25 and 22 years. Even though neither of them is pursuing a career in politics or show business, they can count on interest from the paparazzi. The younger of Barack and Michelle recently found out about this. Sasha, who had not been seen for a long time, was “caught” on the streets of Los Angeles. A young woman studying psychology and sociology she went to the SPAwhere, according to American tabloids, she spent as much as three hours. After a long relaxation, she went to the car parked nearby and almost immediately after getting inside she lit a cigarette. As she took a drag, she sent unsmiling glances at the photographers.

See. Has it changed a lot since you resided in the White House?


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