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Now, Gehlot’s loyal MLAs offer for him as a 4th time CM


JAIPUR, April 18 (IANS) Congress MLAs from Udaipur, Kota, Bharatpur, Dolpur, Karauli and Sawai Madhopur districts were summoned on Tuesday to gather their individual observations on various issues.

Tuesday was the second day of collecting such individual comments from MLAs in Rajasthan.

On this occasion, the pro-Jehlot SLA is seen once again sparking a factional war by claiming Jehelut as Prime Minister for the fourth time.

The MLA of the tribal region loyal to Jahlot publicly called for Jahlot to be appointed prime minister for the fourth time.

Congress MLA from Dhariyawad, Nagraj Meena, said, “Ashok Gehlot is going to become Chief Minister for the fourth time, and nobody can stop him. When Gehlot is doing such a great job, why should the top leadership let someone else face it.”

Pratapgarh MLA Ramlal Meena said, “We will be able to make Gehlot the Prime Minister for the fourth time. I am with Ashok Gehlot and will continue to be.”

State Youth Congress President and MLA Ganesh Gugra said, “I am with the Congress party and the high leadership. On the issue of making Gehlot the Prime Minister for the fourth time, he said he would still support Gehlot if he brought so many schemes to the ground.”

On Monday, comments were taken from the MLAs of the Jodhpur and Ajmer branches in the Congress War Room in the presence of CM Ashok Gehlot and PCC Chairman Govind Singh Dotasra.

Here, again, the tension flared when Dotasra introduced one of the MLAs from the Pilot group by quoting her, “He’s gone to Manesar.” The Congress official for Rajasthan, Sukhinder Singh Randhawa, had to step in to calm the matter down.

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