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November 19: Is today a trading Sunday? Are the shops open?


Shopping Sundays in November: Will stores be open on November 19?

Those who plan bigger today shoppingthey will have to wait until Monday. Sunday, November 19 is a non-trading Sunday. Most stores will be closed.

Moreover, no Sunday in November is a trading Sunday. This means that also on the last Sunday of the month, i.e. November 26, most stores will be closed.

Shopping Sundays: What do the regulations say?

In accordance with the currently applicable regulations in Poland in principle, it applies Sunday trading ban. The exception is shopping Sundays. We have seven of them during the year. It is about:

  • the Sunday immediately preceding the first day of Easter,
  • the last Sunday in January, April, June and August,
  • the next two Sundays before Christmas Day.

Trading Sundays in December 2023

This year, trading Sundays in December fall on December 17 and 24. The problem is that December 24 is also Christmas Eve. And on this day, even if it is a weekday, trading is limited to 14. Additionally, for years many groups have been trying to make Christmas Eve Poland a public holiday.

Hence the idea to solve this year’s problem ad hoc – by introducing a new date for shopping Sunday – December 10, 2023 instead of December 24. December 10 (as on Christmas Eve) trade would be limited only to 2 p.m. The government adopted the draft law introducing these solutions at the meeting on November 14. However, the act still needs to pass the parliament and be signed by the president.

Will we see the Sunday trading ban lifted?

Lifting the ban on Sunday trading was one of the election demands of the opposition parties, they differed in terms of the details of the proposed solutions. The idea itself enjoys considerable support from Poles. In a study conducted in September this year. by UCE Research commissioned by the portal dziennikscihandlowe.pl, 54% were in favor of freeing trade on Sunday. customers, and 37.7 percent it was against.


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