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November 11 – National Independence Day


Today we celebrate the 105th anniversary of Poland regaining independence. On November 11, 1918, Poland regained independence after 123 years of partition. On this day, celebrations are held throughout the country, attended by the management of the Polish Police and representatives of the Police Academy in Szczytno.

It is impossible to convey this intoxication, this frenzy of joy that gripped the Polish population at that moment. After 123 years, the cordons were broken. There is no “them”. Freedom! Independence! Union! Your own country! Forever! It’ll be all right. (…) Four generations waited in vain for this moment, the fifth lived to see… Prime Minister Jędrzej Moraczewski recalled the November days of the eighteenth year.

Central Independence Day Celebration in Warsaw
The main ceremonies related to the celebration of the National Independence Day with the participation of the highest state authorities took place at Marshal Józef Piłsudski Square in Warsaw. State ceremonies in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are the main point of the Central Independence Day Celebrations. Police officers and employees of the Polish Police were represented during the ceremony by Gen. Insp. Jarosław Szymczyk – Chief Commander of the Police. The Chief Commander of the Police also took part in the Holy Mass for the Homeland, which took place in the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw’s Wilanów district.

The Chief Commander of the Police and his Deputies also laid a wreath at the Obelisk “To the Fallen Policemen – Republic of Poland” and in front of the Memorial Plaque at the Police Headquarters, paying tribute to those who gave their lives for the freedom of their homeland.

More information https://policja.pl/pol/aktualnosci/238084,Urotyczne-obchody-Narodowego-Swieta-Niepodleglosci.html


Provincial Celebration of National Independence Day in Olsztyn
The provincial celebration of the National Independence Day began at 11:00 a.m. with a Holy Mass for the Homeland in the Co-Cathedral Basilica of Saint James the Apostle in Olsztyn. After the mass, a column of honorary companies and standard-bearers of uniformed services, schools, veterans’ organizations and the public marched to Solidarity Square. At 12:40, the ceremony began at Solidarity Square under the Monument to the Freedom of the Homeland, during which there were occasional speeches by the organizers, i.e. the Voivode of Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Marshal of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and the President of Olsztyn. After the speeches, the Independence Appeal of Remembrance was read, ending with a salute of honor and the laying of wreaths and bouquets at the Monument to the Freedom of the Homeland.

After the official celebrations, a military picnic was held with a display of equipment and promotional stands of the army and uniformed services. During the Provincial Celebrations of the National Independence Day, the management of the Police Academy in Szczytno was represented by junior inspector. Dr. Tomasz Siemianowski – Director of the Institute of Social Sciences, Faculty of Security and Legal Sciences, APwSz.

County Celebration of National Independence Day in Szczytno
A delegation from the Police Academy in Szczytno took part in the County Celebration of the National Independence Day in Szczytno. The celebrations began with the “Concert for Independence”, which took place on November 9 this year. at the Municipal Cultural Center in Szczytno. However, on November 11 this year the celebration of the 105th anniversary of regaining Independence began with a Holy Mass for the Homeland with the participation of the Military Honorary Assistance of the 8th Szczycieński Radiotechnical Battalion in Lipowiec, which took place in the Church of St. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After the end of the mass, they marched to the White Eagle Monument in Szczytno, where, after singing the Polish anthem, raising the national flag and changing the honorary guard, the Roll Call of Remembrance and the firing of an honorary salute took place. On behalf of the Commander-Rector of the Police Academy in Szczytno, a delegation of the University placed a symbolic bouquet at the White Eagle Monument. Małgorzata Ciesielska – Head of the APwSz Command Department and subcomm. Szymon Popkowski.

Text: DKS APwSz
Photo: DKS APwSz/Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship Office in Olsztyn
Graphics: Warsaw Police Headquarters


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