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Nightmare on the Black Sea. What’s happening with the ship from Turkey? – WP News




A Turkish cargo ship has disappeared off the coast of the Black Sea. There were 12 people on board. The Turkish minister reported that the ship hit the breakwater. Contact with the crew has still not been established.

A Turkish cargo ship with 12 crew members on board disappeared during a storm off the Black Sea coast on Sunday. Since then, the authorities have been unable to establish contact with Kafkametler, reports the Reuters news agency. The captain of the Turkish-flagged ship “Kafkametler” reported on Sunday morning that the vessel was drifting towards the breakwater near Eregli, in Zonguldak province in northwestern Turkey.

Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya said the ship lost communication immediately after leaving the port in the city of Ereğli in Zonguldak province. Then it hit the breakwater and sank, reports the Turkish daily BirGun. The politician added that contact with the 12-person crew had still not been established.

– The dry cargo ship “Kafkametler” flying the Turkish flag, which left the port to go to Izmir, hit the breakwater and sank due to unfavorable weather and sea conditions. Still no contact has been established with the ship’s 12-person Turkish crew, said the minister, quoted by Turkish media.

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Ali Yerlikaya added that the Coast Guard, Navy, police and gendarmerie, as well as other officials are on alert. Search and rescue operations will begin immediately as soon as weather conditions improve. The region was hit by severe storms on Sunday.

Source: Reuters, BirGun, HaberTurk

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