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New violence in Manipur worries as it threatens to pull in the Naga community: Kong


NEW DELHI, July 17 (IANS) After two more people were killed in Manipur, the Congress said on Monday that the violence continued unchecked amid Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence, and that new acts of violence were more alarming as they “threatened to withdraw the violence,” said Congress General Secretary Randeep Singh Surjwala, He takes a swipe at the central and state government, “The violence in Manipur continues… ‘unchecked, unchecked and unrelenting’ amidst an enigmatic silence of Prime Minister Modi, and utter inaction on the part of President Modi.” HM (Amit Shah) and the complicity of BJP CM N Biren Singh”.

He said, “The Government of India has left Manipur to fend for itself, without bothering or caring to find a solution or to heal the rift between the communities. The recent violence is all the more worrying as it threatens to draw the Naga community into the conflict already under way.”

Surjwala also said that there are nearly 130 dead, 1,000 injured and more than 70,000 displaced. But no one cares. It is time for Prime Minister Modi to act, before it is too late,” the Rajya Sabha MP added.

His remarks came a day after two more people were killed in Manipur. Ethnic clashes broke out in Manipur on May 3 and since then more than 100 people have been killed and thousands forced into relief camps.

The Congress questioned the Prime Minister’s silence and also demanded the immediate dismissal of the Prime Minister.

The Congress also said that it will raise the issue of Manipur violence in the monsoon session of parliament and wants the PM to inform the country of the measures taken so far to control the violence.


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